Our 3D services
3D Scanning & 3D Printing
Reality4 specializes in high-quality 3D scans of people for full color 3D printing and 3D animation.

But we can scan about anything from a dice to a skyscraper. We can also incorporate a scan of your scale or fullsize product prototype into the 3D modeling workflow.
High-Speed (Solid) Modeling
The standard (solid) modeling workflow can be very slow. Why not consider our innovative modeling approach? Watch your design emerge in almost realtime and transform your modeling schedule from weeks into days or even hours.
Photorealistic 3D Presentations & Rendering
The best way to present your new design is with a visualisation that looks as real as the final product. A visual presentation (or lack of it) can make or break a business deal. Your client will more likely be going forward with your project once he or she has seen a presentation that looks like the real thing.
3D Printing for Production
Creating casts and moulds in 3D print can be considerably cheaper than 3D milling. 3D printing has risen far beyond the prototyping stage and has become a valuable production technique due to its precision and versatility in materials. It has opened the way to the production of designs that were previously impossible to make or consumed too much time.
Generative Modeling
Some designs cannot be created by hand due to their complexity. Using algorithms and formulas, Reality4 can create your most elaborate ideas, generated by programming code. Whether they are tiny objects or large architectural concepts. Combining manual and generative modeling gives you a competitive edge.
NURBS/Vector-based or STL/Polygon-based Modeling
We provide any type of 3D modeling, we can convert your existing 3D data if necessary and we can deliver any type of final 3D export.
Interactive 3D Presentations for browsers, iPad, iPhone and Android
We can take your presentation to the next level and create advanced interactive 3D visualisations of your designs for all popular platforms like the Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer browsers, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. Nearing photorealistic quality there is no better way to present your products.